Five Mental Health Bloggers You Really Need to Follow

Little Thoughts Blog

Little Thoughts Blog


Hannah’s blog focuses on creativity and letting her thoughts flow. She set up her blog in 2015 to let her creative ideas flow. She has written some fantastic articles on her mental health journey and since then she has helped to create the weekly mental health chat #TalkMH on Twitter on Thursdays 8:30 to 9:30 GMT.

Favourite Article:

What I’ve Learned in Recovery


No Space For Milk

No Space For Milk

Rachel is a blogger who is passionate about stamping out mental health stigma. She is a student nurse who has many interesting insights into mental health on her blog.


Favourite Article:

Why I’m Still Talking About Mental Health


Megan Rees (PosiMH)

Meg Rees

Megan Rees is a 22 year old blogger who’s mental health articles hit home every time about anxiety and life as a 22 year old.


Favourite Article:

A Guide to Talking to your GP about your Mental Health


End the Stigma

End The Stigma

Aidan O’ Connell is a mental health writer and advocate living in Dublin, Ireland. He is a fantastic source of information on mental health and a great support for those living with mental disorders. His website is a wealth of information.


Favourite Article:

How I Beat Social Anxiety


Sarah Fader

Sarah Fader

Sarah is a mental health advocate and writer from Brooklyn, New York. She writes honestly and bravely about her journey with her mental health. She created and maintains the hashtag #thisiswhatanxietyfeelslike on Twitter and is always supportive to a fellow mental illness sufferer.


Favourite Article:

The Night


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