Five Stocking Fillers for Someone Going Through Stress

Christmas is slowly creeping up on us, and it can be an anxious time for some people struggling with their mental health. This time last year I was going through depression and anxiety so it was a particularly hard time for me. Luckily I have a very supportive family who helped me through it. I received some lovely little gifts over the last year that gave me the idea for this post. Basically this blog post is going to give you some ideas for some thoughtful little gifts for the person in your life going through stress or anxiety.

  1. Owning It – Caroline Foran 

This book literally spoke my mind. Caroline Foran has been through generalized anxiety disorder and has written this book to simply explain what anxiety is and how she coped with it. It’s a handy little size and you can dip in and out of it. Its easy to read and a lovely little gift for somebody going through anxiety.


  1. Mindfulness Cards

These little cards are so handy to just pop into your purse or wallet and take out to look at when you are feeling anxious. There are so many different types of cards. Geek Magnifique has just developed a range of anti-anxiety cards that look very cute for a quick present for someone in your life going through something. My therapist gave me some with little quotes on them reminding me to breathe and be mindful. They are really lovely. Also you could make these yourself – there are lots of sites online which you can print out cards from and laminate them for a very thoughtful Christmas present.


  1. Self care gifts

I know when I’ve had a bad day I like to relax with a nice bath and a pampering session for myself. I keep some This Works Deep Pillow Spray beside my bed so I can spray it and relax before I go asleep. I also like to keep scented candles or a blanket nearby to relax in when I’m feeling down or upset. I know the stressed person in your life would love something to help them relax.


  1. A Hot Water Bottle

No, I’m not joking. I am completely mad about my hot water bottle. When I feel stressed it is my favourite thing to cuddle up to and relax. There are so many pretty hot water bottle covers around now and here are just some of my favourites.

Littlewoods Ireland Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle


New Look Knitted Hot Water Bottle


  1. The Little Book of Sound

I am so excited that this book has finally been released. For anyone not familiar with the term ‘sound’ it basically means a nice, kind, cool person. This little book gives practical tips on how to be a kind person. A Lust For Life are well worth spending your time and money on also – they are an Irish wellness charity set up to tackle the stigma of mental illness. Win.

images (5)

I hope you enjoyed my little gift guide for those going through a stressful time. I’m not suggesting that these will cure stress – not at all. But they are simply thoughtful gifts for someone in your life who might appreciate them.

If you know someone going through stress or anxiety pay a visit to my ‘Where to Find Help’ page for some details on where to get assistance.

Thank you for reading



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