Five Positive Affirmations: December

I am a great believer in the power of positivity.

I think my Dad instilled this in me over the years as he struggled with anxiety and it really worked for him.

Positive affirmations. A statement you may say to yourself in order to relieve stress and enable you to get through a stressful situation. A positive affirmation may help you to overcome negative and self-sabotaging thoughts.

And the best news? They are easy to remember and easily adaptable.

  1. I am in charge of how I feel, and today I choose happiness.

Often I feel like my emotions control me. So it helps to remind myself that I’m in control of my feelings.insp0423

2. I am enough

It sometimes feels like I must constantly improve myself to prove my worth to everyone I meet. As a high achiever I have a competitive streak that can make life a competition with those around me who I deem to be successful. Therefore, it is important that I take time to remind myself that I am enough just as I am. I don’t need to prove my worth because I am worthy of good things.


3. I let go of that which no longer serves me

You MUST look out for yourself. Nobody can mind you like you can mind yourself. So its important to learn to let go of something that makes you emotionally upset, angry or weak. If you let go of the things that tie you down, you will be free to make space for what is meant to be. That is not to say that you should quit work and go travelling, its not that extreme (unfortunately that’s just not possible for everyone, including me), but it means changing things in your life that you CAN change in order to make your life better.


4. Though these times are difficult, they are only a short phase of life or This too shall pass

No matter what you’re going through, you need to tell yourself that it WILL get better. Eventually there will come a better time. Human life is made up of trials and tribulations but there will always be a balance that will allow you to make things right again.


5. I am confident and able

This is something I repeat to myself every day. It is especially useful when I am feeling particularly uncertain or doubtful of my abilities. I am confident – I have faith in my abilities and I am competent. I have made it this far. I can continue to make it.



The more you practice saying these affirmations to yourself, the more you begin to believe them. It also helps to focus on something like how your feet feel on the ground, or by squeezing your hands together, this grounds you and allows you to focus your attention on only the mantra in your mind.

Try it.



5 thoughts on “Five Positive Affirmations: December

  1. These were so lovely to read! Positive affirmations can be the best pick me ups when you’re not feeling at your best. The “I am enough” is so simple but so effective and something everyone should have in mind xx

    Liked by 1 person

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