My Sunday Habits For A Productive Week

Sundays are meant to be a rest day. A day of relaxing before getting back into the work week. But lately I have been finding Sundays very difficult because I have had a negative mindset of counting down the hours until I go back to work. It takes a toll on my whole weekend enjoyment as I feel pressure to prepare for work, or I feel guilty about not doing anything to prepare for the work week. I tend to spend my Sundays in a negative funk. But I intend to change this by:

  1. Making the most of my weekend


Whether I have plans to go out with friends or to simply stay in and relax, I will try to stay in the moment and enjoy the experiences I have to the full. I used to not enjoy my weekends as I was dreading going back to work, or I was thinking about things I had to do on Monday.

However, I fully believe that if you practice mindfulness and positive thinking – this dread can be eliminated. My top tip is to use grounding whenever you start to think about the week ahead and bring yourself back to the present. Look around you and think of 5 things you can see, hear, feel, taste and smell. Use your senses to bring yourself back to now.


2.  Getting Organised 


One thing that really throws your Monday into chaos is feeling unorganized. I like to prepare for the week ahead on Sunday evening by getting my lunch prepared for the next day and meal planning for the week. I always do my weekly shop on Sunday so I know what I am going to eat for the next few days.

I will plan and organize my clothes for the next day (so that I won’t be running around half dressed on Monday morning having to iron my top – as I have done on many occasions). I clean out my bag and sort out what I need for work the next day. As a teacher, I need to be extremely organized so to do this the night before is very useful.

My main advice is to practice doing this every day so that the next day won’t be so chaotic.

3. Not Going Overboard


As part of my eating disorder, I used to binge particularly regularly at the weekends. I guess it was my worst time as I was not distracted by work and was constantly thinking negative thoughts. Food was a way to hide those thoughts. Still – I regularly eat more than usual at the weekends. Since I’ve given up drinking I find that I overindulge less on hangover foods but still it takes a lot of practice to avoid overeating to the point of bingeing. Top tip – plan your meals and eat what you want within reason. Practice mindful eating and try to eat at regular times.

4. Taking Some Time For Self-Care


This is SO important. On Sunday evenings I now schedule in some down time to unwind before the next day. I usually write my blog posts on Sunday evenings – this relaxes me and allows me to get my mind straight. I get into some comfortable clothes, put on a face mask, eat some dinner and drink loads of water. I chill out, watch some tv or read a book and chat to some friends about their weekends and their plans for the week ahead. Get into the habit of self-care, especially on Sunday evenings.

5. Noting the Highlights Of Your Weekend


What are you grateful for this weekend? Is it the time spent with family or friends? Taking some time out to relax? Going out or staying in? Or simply just having time to get your thoughts together?

Write it down… say it to a friend or family member. Note it. Remember it. Because this will help you to be positive for the week ahead.

So those are my top tips for a productive Sunday evening. I hope you get some use out of them. I am still practicing doing these so I am no expert. They are just what works for me.




10 thoughts on “My Sunday Habits For A Productive Week

  1. These are such good tips! I work from Home and I’m self employed so… the whole going to work on a Monday thing doesn’t apply to me. My boyfriend also doesn’t have set days a week and he often works both days of a weekend so our mental timetable is a bit all over the place and certainly doesn’t fall into the “normal” category. But I certainly need to take more time to NOT work and make use of some of these points! Mindfulness is something I’ve dipped my toes in before but I’d love to get even deeper into it this year xxx

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