My New Years Goals 2018

Happy New Year!

I have always set New Years Resolutions in the past, and every year I have despaired at my inability to keep them. My resolutions always revolved around getting fit, getting skinny and basically becoming a new person. However, in the last year I have learned a lot about where my true priorities lie, and  they certainly don’t all circulate around becoming skinny. Not anymore. My true priorities are to enjoy life, to make and cherish relationships, and to become my true self.

Once I realized this, it became clearer what my goals should be.

  1. Practice journalling every day:

I am determined to become more reflective in my life, and I want to become more self-aware. I plan to do this through using a journal, to plan and organise my thoughts and to reflect on things (good and bad) that happen to me every day. I am using Andrea Hayes’ ‘My Life Goals Journal’  to accomplish this goal. She has written a book all about her experience of journalling, and she includes various targets or things to write about every month. It makes the journalling experience more focused. I am really looking forward to what journalling will do for me.

2. Join yoga 

The benefits of yoga are extensive. It helps to relax your mind and body, and increase your flexibility and strength. Most people I know that have started yoga really enjoy it and many have gone on to do yoga teaching courses. I think yoga will help me to have some time to myself, to help me become more mindful and also will allow me to meet some new people.

3. Travel as much as possible

Travelling makes me happy. I love seeing new places, trying new things and learning new facts about different places. This year I plan to not only travel abroad, but to become a tourist in my own country. I want to plan a trip around the west of Ireland especially, as the Wild Atlantic Way is so beautiful. I want to try to appreciate the places I visit and to take as many pictures as I can.

4. Practice mindfulness daily

I think this goal will be the most difficult to do. I find mindfulness difficult, but it does work when I do it. I plan to do this by practicing eating mindfully, taking some time to do mindful colouring or practice grounding myself, using the 5,4,3,2,1 technique. I will also use Andrea Hayes’ hypnosis and mindfulness techniques which accompanies her book. It is free on her website Andrea Hayes. I will listen to these before I go to sleep every night, or as many nights as I can to relax myself. There are also so many mindfulness apps and websites that I will research and include in a blog post this year.

5. Plan my meals every week

This was always part of my eating disorder therapy. But I have to admit that it has fallen to the wayside quite a bit for the last few months. I want to keep up this habit, and I will use my journal also to help me with this goal. I will plan out my meals, and try to stick to them as much as possible. However, importantly, I will not be too strict with myself. I will plan meals that I enjoy, and if something comes up or something goes off plan I will simply go with it, and try get back on plan the next day. It is so important to forgive yourself and not have an ‘all or nothing’ attitude.

6. Blog once a week

Thanks to my lovely readers, my blog has given me the confidence to talk about my mental health and about my lifestyle, and it is definitely helping in my recovery process. I plan to continue blogging about my own experiences of mental health and about what helps me in my recovery. I will write a blog post a week, whenever I feel inspired, but I won’t be too hard on myself if I don’t get around to it.

7. Meet a friend once a week at least

This is something that has become harder and harder as I get older, and especially since I’ve moved to a new city. It’s not easy to make friends in your twenties but I plan on making friends by being myself, by joining classes and by being open to meeting people from work. I plan to meet a friend once a week to go for coffee, a drink or a fitness class. This may sound very simple, but for someone with social anxiety, this is a huge deal. So it is one of my most important goals for this year.


So it may seem as if I have a lot of work to do, but my goals will help me to become happier and healthier in my daily life.

What are your goals? Leave your goals in the comments below 🙂

Wishing you all the best for the New Year. May 2018 be YOUR year.




34 thoughts on “My New Years Goals 2018

  1. Happy New Year to You!
    I’m with you on the goal of trying to meet friends more often, it really does become so hard as your older and everyone is moving away or work schedules are completely different, I hope your anxiety calms a little and you manage to do this. I wish you all the happiness and health for 2018! x

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  2. I’m so happy to hear you’ve moved passed the kind of goals you used to set. All of these sound so positive. I definitely need to make more of an effort to meet up with friends so I’m with you on that one.

    V ❤

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  3. What a fab list. I’m really keen to start yoga! Hopefully will get into it once the Christmas break has worn off. I’m also so bad at prepping food for the week but have actually just made enough food to feed a small country so it’s going well so far haha!

    Beth x

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  4. These are brilliant goals! I’ve been doing little bits of yoga on and off for about 4 years, since my anxiety started but last year I REALLY got the bug and do a home practice more or less every day. This year I really want to up my practice and turn it more into a work out and get even more benefits from it. Yoga has completely changed certain aspects of my life so I would recommend it to absolutely everyone! I hope you love it 💖 and Happy New Year xxx

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  5. We have the same goal with trying to meet friends weekly! I moved to a new city and also have anxiety and it is so difficult to make friends in your 20’s. It’s just as hard trying to keep old friends because you don’t always have the same day off. I really hope this one goes well for you!☺️

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  6. Practicing mindfulness is definitely a must, I think inner peace is so important, sometimes hard to achieve but so worth it…I love all of these goals and I really hope you get to reach them! I totes agree with traveling, I’d love to fly out all now but my work hasn’t granted me vacation as yet ☹️ Great post!!

    xx Lena |

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  7. We have some very similar goals! I am looking to cook healthier meals more often , and I plan to travel a lot more this year! I hope 2018 is wonderful to you, and you reach everything you want to achieve!

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  8. Great post! I have some of the same goals about meal planning, blogging, mindfulness and journaling. I used to make resolutions to get skinny… now I accept that I’ll always have curves and instead, I aim to feel healthy. SarahElle xx

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