How To Switch Off From Social Media

This week, I’ve decided to take a step back from social media. I’m not going to do a ‘detox’ because I don’t generally believe that going cold turkey is the healthiest way to go about making a lifestyle change for me, and I really don’t believe in the ‘all or nothing’ attitude. Therefore, I’ve thought about some steps I could take to spend less time online, and more time in the moment.

Why I Need A Change In My Habits:

I spend most of my time with my phone attached to my hand. In fact, people have described my phone as an extension of my hand. When I’m not on my phone, I am generally on my laptop, and I’m never far away from a technological device. And guys, unfortunutely I’ve been told this is not healthy.

I generally believe in ‘everything in moderation’ as a philosophical (and practical) way of living my life. Lately, I have not been adhering to this in my online life. It’s taking a toll on my mental health, on my sleep and on my relationships. I have found myself constantly comparing myself to others on Instagram or Facebook, and thinking I ‘should’ be having more fun or that I ‘should’ be moving in a certain direction in my life the way others are. Studies have shown that this can lead to depression and anxiety and sleep disorders. I need to get rid of the FOMO mentality and live my life on my own terms.

The How:

1. First step is a simple one. Turn off your notifications! Most tech savvy people will know how to do this (despite blatantly ignoring it). So if you really want a break from your social media, your mobile notifications have to be banished. But again, I don’t believe in going cold turkey so try this at a certain time of the day at first. For example, turn off your notifications when you’re out of the house, and at night time. And increase your time offline the more used to it you get, if you feel like you need to.


2. Use apps to limit your time online. Apps such as Moment (for Apple users) or Offtime (for both Apple and Android users) track your time online and set parameters for you to modify how much time you spend online. I use StayFocused or Stay On Task when I want to block apps from sending me information or limit my internet usage, especially when I am in work or trying to concentrate on a task.


(Image taken from

3. Make LIVING IN THE MOMENT a priority. Prioritize other areas of your life. What have you always wanted to do but never had time. Imagine if you didn’t have to tweet or reply back to messages or comment on a photo constantly. Imagine how much time you would now have on your hands, how much free time you’d have to do what you actually want to do. Like meeting a friend in person, writing in your journal, playing board games with your family or just simply listening to somebody else. Do something productive with your time. Give back to someone who needs it, spend time on your own recharging yourself, complete errands, make that phonecall you’ve been putting off or clean out your closet. This is your life. Don’t waste it hiding behind a screen all the time.


4. Make a note of how this challenge is treating you. Keep note of how you’re feeling outside of your online time. As with any addiction, social media addiction might leave you feeling some withdrawal symptoms. You might feel restless, listless or alone. But trust in the process. Life is going on around you, not just online. You will notice just how many people find it acceptable to walk around with their eyes glued to their phone screens when you take time to actually look around. Who is living their best life? Yes, YOU are. Because you will be more aware and what is going on around you.



So I am going to follow the above steps to challenge myself to spend some time offline. That does not mean I won’t post an Instagram now and again, or spend time writing my blog posts. I do love doing that. However, I will not spend all my time finding out who ‘liked’ my photo or my blog post. I will designate certain times for going online, just like I will designate certain times for staying offline. And in that way, I will bring my life back to its natural balance.

Please let me know if you want to participate in the challenge. I am always open to comments, so comment below if you have any other ideas on how to switch off from social media. (And I’ll check it during my designated time!)

Have a good week.



18 thoughts on “How To Switch Off From Social Media

  1. I would’ve never thought to use an app to block other apps!! I definitely need to start powering off my phone, especially when there’s a lot of important tasks ahead. I loved your living in the moment section, because I feel like it’s so true. Often times, I find myself reaching for my phone when hanging out with friends, then I remember that all I may have is today/the current moment and it’s never going to happen again. Super helpful post. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Yeah its just a matter of turning off your notifications. Soon people will realise if they really want to get in contact with you they can call you or ‘old school’ text you instead of using apps all the time. Best of luck with it Katie!


  3. I really need to do some kind of variation of this. I find it too easy to slip back into bad scrolling habits again! This is a really helpful post with some great advice in it 🙂


  4. I feel the same about you. I often compare myself to other people on Instagram. Specially on the weekends when I don’t go out and everyone is out there having fun. I get FOMO a lot, I guess that’s why I’m always on my phone checking social media. I’ll try to do the same as you and cut off apps individually instead of all at the same time, hopefully I can avoid getting anxious and use my free time to read a book I’ve been delaying.

    Laura M –

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  5. It’s really valuable taking breaks. I don’t believe in all or nothing, but when my phone broke for a few days, I was forced to reevaluate. Now I set time limits and like you I try to live more in the moment. Some people go out and spend most of the night on their phones and to me it’s seems like a waste now. Great post! x

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  6. I really feel like i need to do this at some point, social media honestly frustrates me so much sometimes and i sit scrolling getting annoyed at silly things… it’s been long overdue but i’m going to have to do it soon!

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