March Goals

It’s March, Spring has sprung and things are starting to look up. We’ve had some terrible weather over the last few days which has led to a winter wonderland in Ireland and beyond, but which has also led to me being out of work, out of routine and out of healthy habits. It has also led me to take some time to reevaluate my life and check in with where I’m at in terms of my monthly goals.

Its become clear to me that I need to re-jig some of my goals and make them more manageable for me to achieve over the next month, as I’ve found that I’m not exactly where I want to be in my life in terms of my mental and physical health, and my habits.

You can see my previous goals post here

So I’ve decided that I’m going to mostly focus on being more positive over the next month. There are several ways I am going to do this, as you will see in my outline of my goals.

  1. Journal once a day

I haven’t been keeping to this lately, mostly because I have been too lazy to literally take out my journal and write. But there has been a lack of general motivation in my life lately that has led me to slack off on my journaling. I must remember the positive changes journaling has already brought to my life since I’ve started. Things like becoming more goal focused, more self-aware and more self-disciplined. I will make sure to journal at a time when I am relaxed. So the times that suit me best are straight after work when I get home, or before I go to bed.

2. Practice yoga three times a week

I have recently started a yoga class which I do once a week on a Monday. I find this sets me up for the week and leaves me feeling relaxed and mindful. I intend to practice yoga individually using Yoga With Adriene as I find her so engaging and motivating on YouTube. I intend to make it to the mat 3 times a week where possible.

3. Say a positive affirmation to myself out loud once a day

This came from my therapist and also from the book I am reading (My Life Goals Journal by Andrea Hayes). Saying positive affirmations to yourself once a day can have really positive effects on your mental health and well-being. I have been using positive affirmations for the last few weeks but not daily and I want to use them more productively. You can see my list of positive affirmations here.

4. Track my meals and exercise daily using my Food And Exercise Planner from Tiger

This is a habit I fell out of doing over the last few months. It was an integral part of my recovery from my eating disorder and it helped me so much. My food and exercise habits have varied in the last few months to the point that I don’t really know where I’m at with them anymore, so tracking them will be a huge step in the right direction for me. This planner I use also has room to write your goals and your mood, as well as tracking your sleep and caffeine intake too. You can buy it here. Just find your local store and it should be in store there.

5. Go to the gym twice to three times a week and use my fitness plan

I recently re-joined the gym and got an assessment done. I then got a PT to make me up a program that I can use easily when I am training alone in the gym. I am actually excited to get back to the gym this month and get cracking at my program. Its tailored to me and my own goals so it will hopefully be beneficial to me this month. I then intend to get another assessment done at the end of the month to see how I am progressing.

6. Get out more

Spring has sprung and the weather will (hopefully) get nicer from here on in. I intend to make an effort to get out of the house, whether its for a walk or to meet up with a friend or even just to go shopping. I will make an effort to do something after work every evening and plan something nice to do at the weekends. I also volunteer at a local sports club every Saturday where I coach gymnastics. I intend to keep this up too over the next few months. I will track this habit using my journal and write down one positive thing I did every day outside of work.

So that’s basically it. I’m keeping my goals more achievable and measurable this month and I will try to keep to it.

Thanks for reading.



20 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. Focus on being more positive each day of the month is great mindset! I’m here for it. I love that you’re doing things that are simple and refreshing, I definitely have the same mindset towards life. Exercising has been on my list of goals for the longest and I still haven’t joined a gym. I definitely need to get busy! Lol

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  2. love this. I have done a similar thing recently. I am going to start zumba and yoga soon and i’m trying my best to help myself on a physical aspect in the hope that it helps my mental health. Good luck with reaching your goals. xx

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  3. I love Yoga With Adriene! I need to make it a goal for myself to also practice a few times a week. I did her challenge in the new year but I’ve since fallen off the bandwagon.

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