#MHchallenge Week 1 & Free Weekly Planner Journal

This week was the first week of my 30 day mental health challenge. I challenged myself (and anyone who chooses to join) to make an extra effort to practice self-care and to push a little bit out of the comfort zone. I included a 30 day calendar to help keep us all on track.

Every Sunday the task is to write down your goals for the week. My goals for this week were:

  • Walk at least 8000 steps a day (I found I wasn’t reaching the 10,000 step goal so I decided to build it up by starting at 8000 and if I do more than that, great!)
  • Follow the #MHchallenge calendar
  • Write blog post on mental health and the workplace by Sunday
  • Create a weekly planner
  • Use MyFitnessPal to track my food every day

I always write my goals in my journal and tick them off as the week goes on. It makes me feel so productive!

Day 2 of the calendar was to go for a long walk. I was feeling lethargic and unmotivated, but I made myself head out for a walk along the marina by my house. I put on a podcast on my phone and listened through my earphones. I was spurred on by others doing the same challenge, and I felt great afterwards.


Day 3 was to do a social media cleanse. I was looking forward to trying this as I could feel myself becoming STUCK to my phone lately. I used my blog post How To Switch Off From Social Media to complete this. It worked well. I scheduled my posts for Tuesday on Monday so that I wouldn’t have to spend my day on social media. I felt good and rested after my cleanse.


Day 4 was to create something. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t feel particularly creative. However, one of my goals was to create a weekly planner, so I decided to make a PDF version that could be printed off and used as many weeks as you want.


Day 5 was call a friend. I was having a bad mental health day that day – low mood and very anxious. So I decided that to call a friend would be too much for me. So I texted a friend and just discussed life and random things, and I felt a lot better.


Day 6 was to say ‘no’ to something you don’t want to do. Why did I put this into the calendar? Basically, I used to have a massive problem with not saying what was on my mind and I used to be led by everyone else, no matter how uncomfortable that made me. I didn’t know how to set boundaries. So that’s what this is all about. Being able to say ‘no’ to something you don’t want to do is the beginning of setting boundaries.


Day 7 was to say ‘yes’ to something new. This was so exciting. I decided to book a trip to London as I’ve never been there before. Travel is always exciting and new and fun. I love travelling but I haven’t been anywhere in a long time. So I finally said YES.


So overall I’d say my first week went well, but I will definitely be more motivated next week. I am more motivated seeing everyone use the #MHchallenge hashtag on Twitter and Instagram and seeing all your progress over the week!

So if you want to join in simply click this link: 30 Day Mental Health Challenge and join in! Its completely free, and fun!


So now down to business.

I created a weekly planner journal. I LOVE journalling and planning my week. I sit down on a Sunday and plan my week, my meals and my fitness. There is room for all of that in this planner. Also you can keep track of your daily plans too.

Simply download and print out and use to your heart’s content.

Happy planning!!

Weekly Planner Journal


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