My Experience with Fit With Her

Fit With Her is a health and wellness programme developed by Lisa Dee from Donegal, Ireland that aims to promote body confidence and healthy living in women all over the world.

I had done Lisa’s other online programmes before but Fit With Her is so different because it is super inclusive and you can work at your own pace. What I love about Fit With Her is that Lisa created it with the intention of helping people mend their relationship with food, exercise and mental health. Lisa openly talks about her Binge Eating Disorder that held her back from her true potential for years. She was stuck in a terrible cycle of restricting, binge-ing and working out to try conceal the damage. She knows what it is like to have a bad relationship with food and exercise. But now she is a changed person. She is totally confident in her own skin and works out and eats healthy for her own positive well-being. This is totally inspirational to me.

As you would know if you have read my blog over the last year and a half, I struggled with binge-eating and bulimia for years. It took me so long to get my mind around my relationship with food and exercise, and it is only since joining Fit With Her, that I truly realise that mending this relationship is the most important thing in order to become truly healthy.

So how does Fit With Her help to mend your relationship with food and exercise?

  • Healthy Recipes. Fit With Her provides recipes that you can work with that are wholesome, healthy and appetizing. There is no onus on you to stick rigidly to a strict diet that restricts any nutrients. She provides recipes that help you to deal with IBS and bloating, and that include nutrients in every meal. You are enabled to make simple, hearty and natural meals in ways that appeal to you. I started to feel the benefits immediately and I was never hungry. A basic understanding that food fuels my body helped me to eat when I was hungry.


  • Workouts. Fit With Her provides workouts that are easy to follow. I always quite liked working out in the gym, but struggled to find the motivation to go. With the Fit With Her workouts you can workout alongside Lisa at home or at the gym and follow what she does. It’s like having a personal trainer training with you every time.


  • Meditation. Fit With Her provides different meditations to get you into being mindful and to help your mental health. I always found meditation to be difficult and boring but I find myself able to give myself even five minutes to just sit with myself and let my thoughts just pass me by. And it has been invaluable for my mental health. There are also different ways to be mindful every month when you join, which keeps it interesting.


  • Yoga with Lucy! I love yoga but I rarely make time to do it. Fit With Her encourages you to include yoga in your weekly routine at least once. Lucy is so lovely and her yoga practices are easy to follow and fun! I try to do it at least once a week. I never give myself enough time in the mornings before work, but I do try to do it on a Saturday or Sunday morning to start off my day.


  • Mental Health. Fit With Her focuses a lot on developing strategies to mind your mental health. It’s all about making time to focus on yourself and making yourself a priority. I used to always say “I’m too busy to workout and eat healthy” or “I’m too tired” but I’ve realised that was actually me getting in the way of what I actually wanted – to focus on my health. And I was putting roadblocks where there was no need to put them. I was not thinking about what was right for me. So now, when I write my weekly goals on a Sunday I always include making nutritious meals and taking at least two days a week to workout. And I find that this clears my mind and makes me more focused in my life.


And I think the most important part of Fit With Her is that you get involved with other like minded women that are determined to better themselves.

You are part of a tribe – the #FitWithHerTribe and your questions and concerns will always be listened to and answered, by either Lisa or one of the other women that have joined. I love that element to it, because when I am feeling unmotivated or hopeless, the other girls will pick me back up, give me good advice and motivation.

So what are my goals with Fit With Her?

  1. To spend more time focusing on my health and well-being
  2. To give myself the gift of feeling good by working out (at least twice a week) and eating healthy most of the time
  3. To be more mindful in my daily life (using mindfulness every morning and when I’m eating)


If you want to join me in reaching these goals, why not use this affiliate link to sign up to Fit With Her – Fit With Her

If you have any questions Lisa makes such a huge effort to answer emails and DMs on Instagram.

*This is in no way an advertisement, but simply my experience of using Fit With Her to become more healthy and fit. Why not invest in yourself?



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