How To Recognize Depression In Older People

Anyone can experience depression. It does not discriminate. So this week I am taking a look at how depression can affect older people, and people who may be more vulnerable in society.

How many times have you thought seriously about the elderly people in your lives’ mental health?

Probably not all that often.

In fact, as you can see from this fantastic infographic I’ve included from Be Independent Homecare depression is actually very common in older people.

I did not know a lot about depression in older people until I read this information. Alice, from Be Independent Homecare, got in touch with me a couple of weeks ago with this information, and I began to think about the older people in my life, and how I could begin to handle it if they began to experience symptoms of depression.

Depression is often dismissed as an unfortunate part of getting older. Older people are often seen to be lonely, and vulnerable. But we don’t seem to generally think of it as unnatural for them to live in that state of mind, as we would with younger people, so older people don’t seem to get the mental health help they deserve.

Many older people do not know anything about depression and it’s symptoms, so they would not relate the symptoms to themselves, and be able to ask for help. Similarly, older people may not want to trouble their younger relatives with their feelings, however uncomfortable they may be.

Take a look at this infographic about recognizing depression in older people.


If you are worried about an elderly relative, or have questions about their mental health, it is important to talk to them, and express your concern. It is also important to arrange time to spend with that person, and to show them that you are there for them, if they want to talk or not.

Depression has many ways of exposing itself in different people. Look out for the signs and be sure to seek professional help if needed.

Be Independent Homecare is a professional nursing care company based in Dublin, that takes care of older people in the community. Check out their website: for more details.



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