The Five Best Planners & Organisers on the Internet Right Now

I’ve got a confession. I’m a stationary addict. I LOVE notebooks, pens, folders and anything else that helps me to feel organised.

As many of you will know from reading my previous posts, I’ve kept a journal religiously over the last year or so. It helps me to feel organised and I completely credit it with assisting me in minding my mental health. (See more about this Here)

So I thought I’d do a quick post on the best planners, organisers and journals that I’m obsessed with that are available on the internet right now.

Before I get in to that, I’m going to outline some of the criteria for a great planner or organiser in my own opinion.

  • Annual calendar – a yearly calendar helps me to see the events I have coming up during the year. I love marking them and being able to count down to the holidays (admit it, you do this too!)
  • Monthly layout – a monthly planner inspires me to get motivated for the next month. I love the start of a new month, it feels like a fresh start. I always write monthly goals, so having a space to do this is essential.
  • Weekly spread – I mean where would we be without this? I have a terrible memory so I need to know what I have on during the week! I think it’s important to have enough space to write what I have going on during the week, plus any thoughts that occur to me during the week.
  • Note space – I love having a space to write out my thoughts. Or anything that strikes me during he day. For example, any blog post ideas that occur to me.
  • Hard cover – because a paperback cover is not going to last! Plus… they look much more classy!
  • Checklist space – because who doesn’t love ticking a box!
  • Food/exercise tracker – it’s great to have somewhere to track your daily activities and plans, and to be able to meal plan.
  • Undated – for me this is a bonus because if I miss a day I won’t feel guilty. I can just pick up where I left off, and date it myself.

So the following may have all or some of these criteria. But above all, one that is aesthetically pleasing and one that you will use for as long as possible.

  1. Lux Productivity Planner available on to order.

I love this planner because first of all, how simple and beautiful is it? It has daily, weekly and monthly sections for you to use, as well as sections for goal planning and for reflecting on your week. It is designed to last approximately 6 months and cones in 7 colours. Its an A5 undated planner with a gorgeous leather PU cover.

Personally I will be purchasing this as soon as my current journal runs out. (Very soon.)

2. Pippa Collection Get Organised Planner  available on

Pippa, or Pippa O’Connor as she is better known, has created some beautiful 12 month planners. This one is undated, it includes space for your monthly goals and intentions, as well as space to include your thoughts and plans. I like it because it’s not structured, so you can basically make your own journal layout. It also includes some monthly goal setting tips and inspiration. However, it does lack the calendar aspect so I wouldn’t rate it as highly as some of the others, and it is slightly more expensive. If you’re in to aesthetically pleasing, flexible planners, then this one is for you!

3. The Happiness Planner 52 Week Journal available on

This is my ultimate favourite. It has EVERYTHING you could possible want from a planner. It is undated. It has a lovely hardback cover, calendars, goal setting space, planning space, checklists and inspirational material for self care and self improvement. At almost €40 it’s quite pricey but so worth it if planning and Journalling is your thing. There are also daily dated planners and more flexible planners and journals on the site. In the bag.

4. Organised Chaos 18 Month Planner available on (and also your local The Range store)

If you’re looking for something in the cheaper bracket, then you couldn’t go too wrong with this lovely planner. Its durable cover means it will last you the 18 months. It has 5 sections – annual, monthly, weekly and contact sections as well as a section for your notes. Its only downfall is that I don’t think I, personally, would have enough room for all of my notes. But then, I write a lot! However, it includes pockets and there are extra planning pages available to buy that you could slot in. In The Range, there are lots of weekly meal and exercise planners which you could buy cheaply and stick in to this planner.

5. Busy B Goals Diary 2019 available on

As you probably know, I am such a goal setter. I love having space to write down my monthly and weekly goals, and ticking them off as I achieve them. This planner is perfect for learning to write SMART goals. It includes information on how to achieve your goals, as well as giving you an annual calendar, monthly goal setting pages and weekly diary space. Its dated for 2019. Its a small enough planner so it doesn’t have much space for Journalling, but if you’re more of a bullet point kinda person then maybe this is for you! At just over €17 it could be a cheaper alternative planner.

So there you have it. My picks of the moment.

A personal planner is just that: a personal choice. So if you have any others that you love please let me know in the comments!





17 thoughts on “The Five Best Planners & Organisers on the Internet Right Now

  1. Great post! I love stationery too and always have a planner and a diary every year. I prefer to do it the ‘old fashioned’ way with pen and paper rather than digitally. I love setting goals and writing to-do lists and all these planners you featured looked great. I need to buy one for 2019 so I will look into these and see which one will suit me best. Thanks for your recommendations!


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  2. I love stationery and planner posts! These are fantastic choices! The Happiness Planner is absolutely gorgeous, I have my eye on it for next year. I really love Busy B stationery too, the planner is such good value too! Thanks for sharing ❤ xx

    Bexa |


  3. This template changed my life! I printed out a bunch of them and fill them in every week, sticking it on my fridge. It has room for your habits (and ticking them off!) a To So List to tick, a main goals for the week list, and a monday through sunday box to plan your life. Things can get really overwhelming for me as a full time student, a student director of leadership projects, and a normal person who has a social life and needs to eat sometimes, and this planner is so cool to try and organize a busy week ahead and manage the chaos.

    But I loved this post! I wrote a piece a little bit ago about cool things to keep in a mental health journal, like sleep trackers! I don’t use them all the time, but when my mental health falls off the rails as it can do occasionally, I find mental health journals are a really cool way to empower yourself and try take control again.

    So basically, I love all your ideas (: Thanks so much for sharing these, I’m definitely going to invest in one for 2019!

    (Also, if you happen to have any interest in those mental health journal trackers, please do let me know!)

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  4. I love notebooks, pens, and folders too! I think my favourite one from this list is the one at the top from Amazon. The selection of colours are lovely and Amazon products are always reasonably priced too.

    Hope you’re having a nice weekend 🙂


  5. I’m one to be organised but these planners are on another level 😂 . For my 2019 I’m defo going to change my planner & organisers and these are great ideas

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  6. These look really great and I might look into them soon as I will need a new planner in a few months for the new year. I currently use a passion planner which I really enjoy but I have been thinking about branching out this year and trying something new. Thanks for bringing these to my attention!

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  7. My husband and I are both stationary addicts too. That Pippa collection looks so pretty. But when I receive such gorgeous stuff, I don’t know what to do with them. I just sit there looking at them, wondering, admiring their beauty and feeling the pages, wondering what to use them for, and get cross with myself for writing shopping lists in them at the back. 😊

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