2018: Year in Review

To be honest, I have never done a post like this before, reflecting on my whole year in review, but I thought it would be an interesting way to get myself ready for 2019.

To reflect on your life is essential, to be able to reflect and learn something, and so make a change, is fantastic.

So…here we go:


I came back to Cork after spending Christmas in Wexford with my family. My anxiety was at an all time high. It always naturally rises at that time of year. I made a huge effort to go back to therapy. I began journalling for the first time, and started practicing yoga and meditation. At this time too, I was abstaining from alcohol totally, and I was having a hard time because I was comparing myself to other more ‘fun’ people (in my own mind). I was working in a school I didn’t like, and I was just basically having a rough time coping.


In February I went for so many interviews for different jobs, but I was unsuccessful. I was really struggling. I was still going to therapy, and I started volunteering for Special Olympics Ireland in gymnastics. Both of those things helped me massively. I joined the gym and started to work out more. I also booked a holiday to Naples with some friends, which gave me something to look forward to.


The start of this month it snowed so heavily that myself and my boyfriend were stranded in our apartment for days! It was fun but also a pain in the ass! I continued to interview for different jobs with no luck. This month, my lovely Grandad passed away too, which was obviously very difficult for my family.


I started working in Special Needs. I had a huge interest in working in Special Needs, especially due to my work with Special Olympics, and I felt like this would be an interesting career move for me. I was still going to therapy, and I started in a new, really great gym. I worked in several special schools, and started working full time in it at the end of this month.


I was so proud of how far I came in the last few months. My mental health had started to improve, and I took a holiday with some friends to Italy. It was so lovely to get away and relax.


I started using FitWithHer to plan my workouts and my meals, and started back at yoga and meditation. I was so busy with work, I felt like I just didn’t have time for anything, so I made a huge effort to keep myself healthy. I had stopped going to therapy in Pieta House by this time too, and I felt much stronger.


What can I say about this month… it was a whirlwind! The first week consisted of me doing a course in Assistive Technology for children with Special Needs in University College Cork. I really enjoyed it, and it has helped me a lot in my career since then. But then, everything fell apart! We got a note through our door telling us that our rented apartment was being sold, so we had to move out. We moved quickly. I started looking for somewhere else to live. I found a place in the first week, a lovely house in a lovely area. Luckily we seemed to impress the landlord (excuse me, what?!) and we moved in quickly. I also was working doing July Provision for children with Autism. It was great experience and… it also led to me getting my current job.


Unfortunately, I was so busy with work, moving house and trying to find a job that I could thrive in, that I started becoming very stressed. I was interviewing all the time, and I started exhibiting old Eating Disorder behaviours. This month, I also went to my second blogger meet up, meeting lovely girls at a makeup event. But then… something amazing happened. I attended several interviews, and was offered two great jobs in very different schools. I chose one, and started working there straight away.


I started playing hockey with a local team. And I found something I really enjoyed! I started training all the time, and playing matches for the first time ever. I also started tutoring children after work. It was a really busy month starting back at work and training in a new sport. At the end of the month, I took a short weekend trip to London for the first time. So. Much. Fun.


October. My birthday month. I was feeling really great, I loved my new job and I was working hard. I went back to therapy because I thought I needed to check in with my mind. I also started my #HMPhotoChallenge.


I started up two new after-school clubs in work – coding and chess. It was tough work setting them up, but so much fun once we started. I really enjoyed it. We now have a chess tournament coming up next year, and the kids are really excited! I plan to expand these clubs in the new year.


What can I say about December… shop shop shop! I had so much to do before Christmas. I also was told that I would be starting back in the mainstream classroom after Christmas break – teaching infants in the same school! Exciting times. I had a great Christmas break, so much relaxing and catching up with old friends and family. I can honestly say, my anxiety wasn’t half as bad as last year!

So, thats that. My year in review. Hopefully you can see how much progress I made in my life and career, in my mental health and my blog. 

Have a happy and safe new year everybody!



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